The mission of the lab is to provide a space for collaborative work related to corpus linguistics. We hope to share work related to a wide variety of research areas including but not limited to second language acquisition and use, second language writing, language varieties, and text analysis.  At the same time, the lab serves as a resource for the Michigan State University community by offering corpus-related workshops with applications to teaching and research.

About Us

View this page to see all of our current collaborators. Faculty and students engage with a variety of collaborators, featuring faculty and alumni from different universities as well as students from multiple programs. 

Faculty and collaborators are working on a variety of corpus-related publications and research projects. 

Check out our events to see upcoming speaking events, corpus-related workshops, or any additional programs.

We offer resources found on the internet that can help students learn about how different programs integrate corpora into their studies.


SLS Corpus Lab Meeting

Wednesday, January 31, 2024, 9:00 – 10:00 EST
In-person: Wells 243B (with breakfast)