Invited Lecture: A Selective and Subjective Quantitative Corpus-Linguistic History of Learner Corpus Research

Stefan Th. Gries (UC Santa Barbara & JLU Giessen)
Friday, April 16, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

In this talk, I will provide a didactically motivated selective discussion of the timeline of (quantitative) corpus-linguistic approaches in learner corpus research, from early-ish over-/under-use frequencies to the advent of regression-based approaches to new developments using in particular the multi-step MuPDAR(F) procedure. I will discuss a handful of studies with the aims of (i) raising awareness of potential shortcomings and problems of some traditional kinds of analyses and (ii) illustrate the advantages that a stepwise refinement of our quantitative corpus tools can provide.

Zoom Information:
Meeting ID: 915 3542 7274
Passcode: 705081